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Professional Services

The professional services companies have special needs that is critical to understand before make any solution proposal. Efficiency is more than a goal, is a must in this competitive world. Keeping this in mind, we are the best solution provider for you. A CRM solution in this environment has to provide tools to improve your services the highest level of counsel and specialized knowledge to its clients. Therefore your CRM solution must help you to generate demand to attract new customers, support your sales processes adapted to your needs, identify and retain your best clients, provide customer support organized and focus on the customer experience, centralize your customer information to inform everyone with the latest activities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM would help you to meet all these goals.

Our professional services solution is designed to work within Microsoft Dynamics CRM while providing additional tools to manage more of your business, including sales, project support, and integration with your current applications.

Sales Opportunity Management

The only way to keep your demand consistent along the time is by keeping your marketing y sales efforts coordinates in a single place. Constant feedback from sales team gives marketing team insights from real world to make necessary strategic corrections. The result, more sales, less leap time from lead to customer, increase of ROI of marketing and sales investments. Additional your companie will look more professional and efficient, improving customer experience to old and new customers.

What can Microsoft Dynamics CRM do for your business:

  • Get the best ROI (return of investment) in your marketing and sales operations
  • Understand which deals are closing within a specified timeframe, and why you are losing and who are competing with you.
  • Keep your PMO updated on project resource requirements
  • Better forecast revenue numbers for business planning
  • Keep your sales team focus and with early stage trendings for making ajustments on time.

All of this information is presented in a powerful, meaningful way with dashboards inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With dashboards, your leadership and management teams can digest large amounts of information quickly and act when they need to.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an integrated social tool called Activity Feeds. It gives you the ability get information on real-time about what is happeing with your custumers. Moreover, your sales and delivery (even help desk) teams can work better together than ever before with improved collaboration around closing deals and delivering high quality project work.

External social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can also be integrated to enable your sales teams to uncover opportunities and identify decision makers. You can create support cases based on social posts.

Microsoft Social Engagement you will be able to perform sentimental analysis over social networks in order to stopping bad comments or publish positive ones. You would be able to make sales or get a competitor’s customer just interacting on negative comments about competitors. People is talking all the time in social networks, why paying expensives market reports when the customers are just talking to you there. Just listen them and interact with Microsoft Social Engagement which is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the first Microsoft application that can run almost in every device, from any PC to IPAD, tablets and mobile phones. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can run in any browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Addtionally gives offline capabilities in PC with Outlook integration and in Tablets and Mobile Phones with espefic clients. No more excuses for not using the CRM, it will be with you and your team everytime and everywhere.