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Our solution based on Dynamics CRM is fully configurable and adaptable to fit any business case related to universities (online and traditional ones)


This is the key process in every education center. Dynamics CRM allows you to identify, in a native way, the students as active contacts and the candidates as potential (leads) students. It will show you in a single screen all the relationships you could identify in real world, and additionally tracking past and future activities, like phone calls, cases, emails, etc. Dynamics CRM enables you tracking leads in order to make a fast conversion from lead to active student. To do this is essential to have an automatized process for an easy and fast communication.

The universities do not have customers, they have students; and this is very basic concept we keep in mind in our solution.

A traditional CRM will never fulfill all the requirements a university has, since it is not so easy to configure for university business model. Dynamics CRM make use of a flexible model with the state of the art technologies well known as XRM model. The X, in this case, means Student so you could call our soltuion SRM.

Communication with Students

Another fundamental point to remark is the bidirectional and efficient communication channel your university can establish with every student. The university can virtually use any existent communication channel from a single solution. With the case management as a central point for every question and incident is recorded as a case in Dynamics CRM, and then it is automatically routed to the right operator in order to get a faster and accurate answer or solution.

Portals and academic system

It is very common to get an academic system in an university running operations, our solution based on Dynamics CRM integrates the current systems like this one and provides a 360° view of the students. To do this Dynamics CRM makes use of many and powerful integration features that are essentials in the integration with systems like the Academic System, Portals and others. Portal used in combination with Dynamics CRM allows you to expose your CRM to the student community in a very personal and secure way. Using portal the students can create their own cases and self-service for any question or incident.

Social Networks

Nowadays social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn play a very very important role as a communication tool between pairs. University cannot be out of this, so it has to actively participate. Addressing this Microsoft provides Social Engagement as a tool integrated with Dynamics CRM. Social Engagement allows you not only listening and identify trends; but also interact just in time with a minor effort.