D365 Customer Insights

What is 

​D365 Customer Insights?

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an out-of-the-box machine learning solution, that enables you and your team members to accurately identify trends and integrate customers' feedback to be pro-active with meeting their needs. Enjoy detailed insights on your product and services to create more value and make better business decisions.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology powered by Microsoft, you will be able to predict things like churn, next best action and product recommendations.


Why do you need D365 Customer Insights?

This solution empowers you to understand and unify your customers' data to gain insights that will enhance their  personalized experiences and activities.  

Due to the rise  in customer expectations post COVID-19, it is imperative for your company to consider leveraging this AI machine learning technology to support your organization. 

What are the benefits of D365 Customer Insights?

AI Machine Learning

With the latest AI machine learning technology from Microsoft, you will better find patterns and unify all your customer data across the full range of sources, so you can get a single view of customers, in real-time. 

360-degree View of your Customers

Get a 360-degree view of your customers 24/7, where you will have access to key insights about their behavior and needs. This robust data unification process by AI machine learning technology includes specifics on demographic, behavioral, transactional and proprietary information.

Optimize Opportunity 

Find the confidence to take action that is supported and based on an accurate insight. This will allow you to balance your team resources and 

drive actions in your organization to optimize your opportunities and increase market share. 

What's next?

Talk to an expert today and ask for our TWO-DAY WORKSHOP for a Customer Insights Assessment.

This workshop is a hands-on learning experience, where you will have the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts to assess your current environment and develop

a plan for the implementation of Customer Insights within your organization.  This workshop also includes data sources, matching criteria, and data unification for up to

three resources. The objective of this workshop is to provide results to your company about the powerful capabilities of Customer Insights. Contact us at experts@crmdynamics.com to learn more.

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